Antique Oak


Hardwood Flooring Company

For 30 years Rivershores has been proudly providing West Michigan's builders, designers and homeowners with quality hardwood floors, products and in-house service.

Character, Versatility, Durability, Value.

Hardwood flooring is more than a purchase…it is an investment. You will avoid the expense of replacing your floor in the future and enjoy the value it brings upon resell. West Michigan’s builders, architects, designers and homeowners expect no less.

Whether you’re planning to build a new home, remodel your present home, or have your existing hardwood floors refinished, Rivershores can bring the natural beauty of hardwood floors to you.

Check out our segment featured on eightWest on 5/26/2015.
**The product showcased in the video is now $6.29 throughout the month of February.