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Things to Know While Refinishing Your Hardwood Floors

What is the difference between Unfinished, Prefinished and Engineered Flooring?

Is the flooring in your home scuffed up or scratched?

It may be time to refinish the hardwood flooring in your home through a company you can trust.

We are a hardwood flooring repair company that has been helping homeowners reclaim the natural aesthetic of their home’s hardwood floors for many years.

Here are some common reasons why hardwood floors may need refinishing:

  • Scratches from Pets’ Claws
  • Moving Furniture
  • Everyday Foot Traffic
  • Floor’s Age (more than 20 years old)

For more information on what you should know before moving forward with a hardwood floor refinishing project, keep reading. If you still have questions or concerns after reading this blog post, please feel free to call either of our East Grand Rapids or Holland offices. Our hardwood flooring experts are always happy to help.

You May Be Able to Avoid Refinishing

Depending on the current state of your hardwood floors, you may be able to get away with having a professional sand down the most worn down areas in your flooring before coating it with a polyurethane layer. Compared to refinishing, this is a less expensive option, perfect for the budget-conscious homeowner. Sometimes called a “screen and poly” job, this can save you some serious money.

Professional Work Makes a Difference

While it is possible to rent a floor sander from your local home improvement store, we don’t recommend trying to take on a refinishing project by yourself. While you may be lured in with the prospect of spending less money, this could be a major mistake. It can be easy to see which projects have been done by well-meaning, but amateurish, homeowners compared to professional jobs. For example, improper hardwood refinishing can result in floors that draw attention to scratches and other imperfections in the wood. Rivershores’ refinishing team, on the other hand, has the experience to make your hardwood floors shine again.

You May Have to Leave Your Home

Depending on the flooring you are having refinished, you may need to find accommodations until the project is complete, such as in a hotel room or with relatives. Use your best judgement when determining whether or not you will have to temporarily find another place to stay. For example, refurnishing an entireopen floor plan will be more intrusive than refinishing the flooring of a spare bedroom. Expect not being able to walk on your newly refinished hardwood floors until 24 hours after the job is complete.

If you are interested in our hardwood refinishing services, please feel free to contact either of our East Grand Rapids or Holland offices. At Rivershores, we make it our priority to refresh the look of any room with professionally refinished hardwood floors.

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