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Pros & Cons of Kitchen Countertop Materials

Replacing your kitchen countertops can be a wise home improvement investment in your home. To help you out with your kitchen remodel project, we have put together some of the pros and cons associated with each kitchen countertop material. Being well-informed and hiring the right kitchen remodelers can help you make the best decision for your home.

Quartz is a popular kitchen countertop material among homeowners because it is largely resistant to scratches and stains. This makes quartz the perfect material for those who love to cook and use their kitchen on a regular basis. Quartz countertops also require minimal upkeep and are easy to clean. One disadvantage of quartz countertops is that they may not look as natural as their marble or granite counterparts.


If you are interested in installing granite countertops in your home, you may want to consider the pros and cons. One of the benefits of granite kitchen countertops is that they are very durable and have high heat resistance. Granite also doesn’t scratch easily. Each slab of granite is unique, which can be a disadvantage for homeowners who prefer uniformity in their kitchens.


Marble has long been recognized as a beautiful and classic kitchen countertop material. However, homeowners must be prepared to do proper countertop maintenance to keep their marble surfaces free from scratches or stains.

Since marble countertops are very porous, they are more likely to absorb liquids and consequently stain. If you are the kind of person who would be bothered by stains or scratches on their cooking surfaces, you may not want to install marble countertops in your kitchen. However, many homeowners don’t mind the extra upkeep compared to the natural beauty of marble countertops.


Want your kitchen to feel more warm and natural? Installing wood countertops in your kitchen may be the perfect option for your newly renovated kitchen. With wood countertops, you will want to make sure that no water is left standing on your countertops to avoid staining. For this reason, many homeowners decide to use wood countertops for kitchen islands that don’t have sinks.

Mix and Match

Some homeowners prefer to mix and match countertop materials. For example, wood countertops may benefit from having a slab of marble at the end. Marble is known for being a naturally cool surface to roll out dough and provides an elegant kitchen aesthetic. The key is to find materials that are harmonious in style and function.

If you are interested in designing and installing quality kitchen countertops, please feel free to contact either our East Grand Rapids or Holland offices. At Rivershores Hardwood Flooring & Cabinetry, we are always more than happy to help homeowners discover the design potential in their kitchens.

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